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What is the Cape Verde Digital Strategy?
The Government's program proposes to transform Cape Verde into "Cyber ​​Island". By making the majority of citizens have access to the Internet with quality, it is creating support for a myriad of potentialities, building significantly for the country's economic and social development.
In this sense, it was introduced in the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development (PEDS) the intention to transform Cape Verde Cape Verde into a center for the development of the Digital Economy, positioning the country as a reference in Africa, in terms of innovation and knowledge. it is necessary to develop human competence and promote a business environment around ICT and R & D, creating a digital platform for innovation.
All this strategy aims to focus on a digital economy focused on the promotion of knowledge and innovation that will serve as the basis for the requalification of tourism as the central pillar of the Cape Verdean economy, in response to the challenges and opportunities of the blue economy and the green economy.
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